A family with renowned representatives  



Le Peletier de Rosanbo family is born with the marriage between Geneviève de Coskaër de Rosanbo and Louis Le Peletier in 1688.
Geneviève is the sole heiress of Rosanbo lands, one of the largest estates in Britanny ; Louis is the son of Claude Le Peletier, former Provost of the Merchants of Paris, successor to Colbert as finance general controller and Minister of State of King Louis XIV.

It marks the union of the Breton old race nobility with the Parisian aristocraty of the members of Parliament. King Louis XIV authorizes Louis to take over the name of Rosanbo and to bear the title of marquess. He will become First President of the Parliament of Paris.

His grandson, Louis Le Peletier de Rosanbo, marries Marie Claire de Mesgrigny d’Aunay, granddaughter of Field Marshall de Vauban.

Their son, also named Louis, links his destiny to Antoinette de Lamoignon de Malesherbes, daughter of Malesherbes, King Louis XVI’s minister and later on his lawyer during his revolutionary lawsuit.

The Rosanbo household will be decapitated in 1794 in the same carriage as Malesherbes as well as their daughter Aline and her husband Jean-Baptiste de Chateaubriand, brother of the writer.

Their second daughter, Louise will marry Hervé de Tocqueville, parents of the famous historian.

Their son Louis, survivor of the guillotine thanks to his youth, will never come back to Rosanbo castle.

His descendants will take again the torch.

Today, Alain, marquess of Rosanbo, perpetuates the tradition. In 1958, he has opened the castle to the public.

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